Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to really see the beauty of something. From the ledge of the Grand Canyon, Beauty shines bright as the sun. She wears a dress of granite and sky with sparkling shoes made of rushing river. Her eyes shine bright as the sunbeams shade the giant cliffs and valleys with color and shadow, revealing scope and texture. Her hair smells like wildflowers in the crisp desert wind. It’s difficult to stand on the ledge of the Grand Canyon and not notice her blinding presence.

But if you hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and lay prostrate with your face against the rocky floor, you may notice that your awareness of her will soon begin to wane. You may find that all you see down there is rock. Maybe some dirt or a crawling bug. These are the threads of her dress, but up close, it’s easy to lose her essence in the details.

I find this to be true of art.


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