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Mission Possible: Worship & Hard Rock  

Mission Possible: Worship & Hard Rock

Every once in awhile you come across a musician that has an uncanny ability to create a sound so unique that is not only could cross genres but also attract an audience with varied tastes, ages, and backgrounds. Multiply that by five and you get Fades Away, a worship hard rock band formed by friends in Minnesota with a love for music and for God.

David Erickson, lead singer of the band, describes their sound as hard rock with a commercial edge. “Our music is very much a collection of all of our tastes. We all transitioned from worship so we incorporate that with strings and piano. Our sound is very melodic,” Erickson says. Creating their sound is definitely a group effort, a unique touch that makes Fades Away a true conglomerate rather than a front man driven band.“We usually start working as a group, all having our hand in the instrumentals. I usually work on the lyrics and we finish up with the melody.”

While having five members helps make Fades Away so unique, it’s not always easy to come to a peaceful consensus. “At times it can be stressful,” Erickson admits, “but mostly because we’re (read more on CCMMagazine.com…)