Unique Styles Magazine is looking for new Rap and R&B talent to expose through their online magazine and radio show.

Send a press kit, CD and any other promotional materials available to:

Unique Styles Magazine
6224 Kelly Elliot Road
Arlington, TX 76001

If you are seeking radio airplay, send your best single (320 kbps) along with a drop to usmradio@gmail.com. Within the drop please state your name, where you are from, the show title (which is “The Unique Styles Show”) and end it with “LG’z Up!” In the e-mail containing the audio files, be sure to include a link to your MySpace page or any other site which will allow them to learn more about you.

VERY IMPORTANT: Songs without a drop will NOT be considered for airplay!

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David C. Coleman is the President of JesusWired.com and a contributor to the site as well as Examiner.com. He has been in the music business since 1991 in many different roles - drummer; independent recording artist; Senior Buyer for the largest independent music distributor in the country; publicist; current owner of his own Christian music distribution and record label company. He has an (un)healthy passion for South Florida pro sports teams including the Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers.

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