With a new single titled, “Goodbye World,” new videos and a busy summer festival touring season upon them, the guys in Bread Of Stone sat down with their record label DREAM RECORDS to talk about what the latest is with them.

How did Bread of Stone form and where does the name come from?
Bread of Stone formed by a simple calling from the Lord to start a music ministry. The original members, Ben and Bill Kristijanto never played instruments or sang before the Lord called them to start Bread of Stone. This is where the name came from as well. They believe they were stones before being called into music ministry (useless and incapable) and only because of Jesus are they made into bread to feed the hunger in this world and share His love with others.

You guys recently released a single. Tell me about it.
The song “Goodbye World” and while Ben wrote the song he asked, “What is it about Christ that made the disciples drop everything and follow after Him?” We believe it’s simply the love of Jesus that made them forget about themselves. All the struggles and oppositions that they faced, were nothing in comparison to the powerful love that they experienced. We hope this song serves as an encouragement and a reminder for us to set aside our ambitions and always having things go our way, and to say “Yes, Lord. I will follow you.”

You guys recently re-released your debut album on DREAM Records, The Real Life. How is this album different than your first album?
The Deluxe Edition was our way of sharing a few new songs without making everyone wait. We felt the new songs we had fit well with the message we wanted to portray with the rest of The Real Life. We added two brand new songs and three remixes!

Talk to me about your new videos (lyric and acoustic) for the single.
We knew starting out that we didn’t want our videos to be typical. The lyric video began with just the simple idea of an abandoned attic and exploded from there! It was so cool to see how the Lord used each and every one of us from band members, to production crew, to our wives and our parents! We all had different roles and ideas that were meshed perfectly together for the outcome of the videos.

Goodbye World Lyric Video

Goodbye World Acoustic Video

What bands are your main influences would you say?
Switchfoot, Newsboys, and DC Talk. These bands are trying to truly say something meaningful with their songs and it captures people’s hearts. We want our music to do the same.

Are there any bands you’d like to tour with?
Whoever the Lord brings our way is fine with us! Switchfoot would be cool 🙂

Do you guys support a charity? If so, tell me about it?
We have felt the calling to spread to love and blessing of Jesus Christ to those in need. We have a ministry in Indonesia called The Light Project that began by ministering to “Scavengers” (people who make a living by rummaging through trash to find recyclable goods) and has grown into a ministry that reaches and seeks to empower those who are not afraid to share the gospel! You can find out more about this ministry at www.lightourworld.org.

What is your favorite scripture and why?
It’s hard to pick a favorite but one that sums everything up in one verse is Matthew 22:37. It says, “Love The Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind!” This is what we desire! To love Jesus with everything, holding nothing back!

If fans want to continue to learn more about Bread of Stone, where can they go?
They can go to our website:www.breadofstone.com, FacebookTwitter and Instagram and our ministry blog is www.lightourworld.org.


Story Source: DREAM Records

Purchase The Real Life (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes here.

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