After recently coming off tour with Brain Injury Survivor and Pop Artist Cristabelle Braden as her Keyboard Player/BGV during the month of March for Brain Injury Awareness Month, Artist-Songwriter Don Cephas announced that he would be releasing a brand new single entitled “You Notice Me” in honor of Brain Injury Survivors everywhere in which 20% of All Proceeds would benefit the organization “Hope After Head Injury” founded by Cristabelle Braden. Here is what Don had to say about the song and his experience.

“Being on this tour has opened my eyes a lot more to what is known as “The Silent Suffering” in regards to people with Brain Injury. Often times those who’ve survived are often overlooked because the look fine, but that’s just an honest misunderstanding. Because Brain Injuries are internal, most of us tend to not notice because it’s not always an external injury we can see. I had the pleasure of touring this month with a Brain Injury survivor, during #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth who has been inspiring people all over. Not only that I got to meet so many people in this sometimes forgotten community who also encouraged and inspired me to always keep climbing and look forward no matter the obstacle. These beautiful people are true superheroes and should be recognized. That’s why on April 14 I am releasing a single on honor of these amazing fighters entitled “You Notice Me” in which 20% of the proceeds will go towards @hopeafterheadinjury founded by @cristabellebraden to continue to help raise more awareness even after #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth is over. Help make a difference and let’s keep encouraging these fighters as they continue to inspire people all over. Shalom.”

You Notice Me is Available Now for Preorder and will be released on April 14 in all Digital stores.

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