Collaborating with upcoming New Zealand singer CASS, drummer-turned-producer WYLD makes his debut today with the upbeat single Found You. Singing of how our identity is firmly placed in God, CASS’ distinctive vocals more than compliment the dynamic, youthful sound of WYLD. The song can be heard below courtesy of The Good Christian Music Blog.

“I find who I am in You.”

New to WYLD (who was formerly known as This.)? He’s handily compiled a playlist of his remixes for you to familiarize yourselves with his previous work which can be seen below.

Artist Bio
After a handful of previous releases under the name This. (including remixes with Soul Survivor, Joe Bright and Chris Howland) producer-artist WYLD now sets to carve out a new path in the Christian music scene.

Fueled by the passion for good, forward-thinking music that sits anywhere between hiphop, pop and electronica, WYLD constantly breaks free of genre constraints and always brings a fresh excitement to music fans looking for something new.

He is also the first artist signed to the new record label The Amen Collective. Find out more about that here.

Main source: The Amen Collective

Buy “Found You” on iTunes here

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