Book From Westbow Press Slated To Release This Spring
Offers Disruptive Answers To The Gap Between Belief And Behavior!

Many of those who call themselves Christians today would likely check most of the following boxes:

Pray to your God? 

Attend services to worship?

Read the scriptures?

Meet with fellow “believers”? 

Believe in an after-life? 

Listen to teaching? 

Give your money? 

Express your faith? 

A Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist can check these same boxes so what is the real differentiator in 21st century Christianity?

Author Jacob William proposes that, from the extremes of Islamic terrorists to right-wing Christian activists, the basic formula of any religion is to believe and then behave to provide evidence of the belief. He presents a case for how today’s brand of Christianity has become just like the many religions of the world and answers the question: “Is there any real difference?”

In his book Crossruption: The Disruption of Life, slated to release in May from Westbow Press, William invites readers to discover the disruptive differentiator that happens when one believes in Jesus Christ’s saving work on the cross; a literal spiritual re-birth that results in the mind being transformed to become cognitively aware of the spiritual dimension of God.

William shares, “There is an incredible interplay where the Spirit of God supernaturally transforms the mind of man to the mind of Christ. The Word of God is the ‘raw material’ that the Spirit of God uses in this transformational journey, bringing about an actual new creation that becomes aware of and partakes in the divine nature of God.”

Born into humble beginnings in India, William’s own journey went from experiencing the extremes of financial crisis to incredible success, insignificance to influence, the depths of self-destruction to the heights of affluence. His life became the quintessential “American dream,” and yet experienced an inner emptiness he aptly named “the cosmic vacuum.” He sought to fill this inner void through various actions and achievements, only to realize they were just sinking sand pulling him farther down. He began to see that all humanity longs inwardly for “something” that we desperately try to fill with fame, power, wealth and religion. This relentless pursuit for inner fulfillment is what he calls the “mirage of life,” a state we all seek but can never seem to find.

Through in-depth study of the Christian scriptures, William realized there is a dimension beyond the mind and body in all humanity where identity is defined as a child of God, with the Father making our adoption a reality that our minds then experience and our bodies express. From defining who we are by what we do, we then become beings who define who we are by who we have become.

Clearly presenting his case, William states, “This transformational inner journey of becoming like Jesus results in expressing His lifestyle! Becoming love, we love those who hate, extend peace in the midst of hate, and bring unity to division and discrimination. We become people who extend compassion. Having a supernatural and spiritual citizenship without influencing natural relationships is a contradiction, which is as divisive as darkness and light, as death and life.”

The Crossruption journey is for those who have grown tired of religion and are weary of “acting like a Christian,” working to “please God,” trying to find a bridge between the emotional highs of Sunday and the depressive and oppressive lows of Monday. Comparing today’s religion called Christianity with biblical Christianity, the book offers a unique differentiator that humanity longs to experience.

“By the end of Crossruption, my hope and prayer is that readers will truly understand and experience God as much as they can feel the wind, finding communion, communication and companionship with the supernatural in the natural!” exclaims William. “People today do not want more instructions of what to do, but rather inspiration to transform them to who they can become!”

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Source: Hoganson Media

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