Out of the Dust – Only Love: Something “condescending” is generally negative. But in the Christmas story, condescension is a gift. He condescended the throne of heaven to take up His dwelling among us. “God with us.”

This baby Emmanuel, born in a barn in the straw and hay is the very same essence of God that the Jews feared and the prophets envisioned. Yet… in love He bent so low to meet us and show us exactly who He was and what He was about. Servant king. Man of sorrows. Prince of peace.

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Iain Moss is the Managing Editor of JesusWired.com and a contributor. He’s been an enormous Christian music fan since a The Tribe concert in 2001 and is passionate about spending his life changing the Christian music stereotype. He has a punny sense of humor, is a sports lover and is a keen chess and go player. His favorite 10 bands are: Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, KJ-52, Skillet, Stellar Kart, Kutless, Manafest, Family Force 5, Seventh Day Slumber, and Ashes Remain. oh, and he's from the land of crumpets and tea, a.k.a the U.K.!

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