Waiting For Ravens has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their new album.  They are a Christian hard rock band from Fort Wayne, IN that recently played at the Kingdom Come Festival in Greentown, IN with bands such as The Protest and Disciple.

What if we told you, that God wants you to live a life of defiance…that God wants you to love defiantly. When the world tells us to do one thing, we live defiantly for the Kingdom of Heaven. That is our hope, that is our goal, that is our mission! To wipe away the tears, to break the chains of sorrow, to give hope to the hopeless, faith to faithless and to set the world free through the power Jesus Christ. When we began writing and recording this album, it became a mission to talk about Life after Death. That the old would pass away and the new would be born again. It was God’s grace that saved us, and that grace brings the truth that sets us free. There is freedom found in Jesus Christ, and He is love! So love defiantly, love against the world, live for Christ!

This mission, this goal comes at a price and we really need your help and support. The amount we need to raise is $10,000, and this will pay for recording costs, distribution, and help support us on the road as well. So whatever you feel led to give, whether it be $1000, $100, or even $1, this will help us tremendously in reaching our goal. We have some pretty amazing prize perks for each level of donation, everything from album downloads, to t-shirts, merchandise, and even used cymbals/drumheads. We appreciate your donations, love, prayers and support.

Thank you all so much for the love and support, and helping us to meet our goal so we can go out into the world and reach the people living in fear, living without hope and faith, and most importantly living without the love of Jesus Christ!

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