The new generation of Gospel Quartet groups are on the rise more than ever.  Blending the traditional soulful stylings of legendary groups like The Swan Silvertones, The Fairfield Four, Slim and the Supreme Angels and The Mighty Clouds of Joy with their own contemporary and worship style, the new school quartet groups are continuing to sustain the rich legacy of quartet music while creating new fans by adding a modern-day musicality and presentation of the beloved genre.  Delivering a fresh and engaging contemporary quartet (quar-temporary) sound is the group MEANT BY GOD.

The Arkansas based MEANT BY GOD group consists of Larry Thomas, David Glenn Jr., Myron Stewart, Christopher Thomas and Trenton Ware who began singing together in 2009.  The talented, young, God believing men live the gospel of Jesus Christ through their everyday lives and lead others in true worship through their heartfelt and powerful quartet music ministry.  Their worship connection is truly “meant by God” as they wholeheartedly believe that music ministry is God’s plan and purpose for their lives.

MEANT BY GOD will be releasing their first single “Anticipating” on May 26.  “Anticipating”delivers a message of hope by encouraging listeners to wait in expectation for the promises of God to manifest in their lives.  “Anticipating” will be available on all digital music outlets via record label EvoWorld Music Group owned by 2X Stellar Award winning singer and quartet music trailblazer Lisa Knowles-Smith (Lisa Knowles and The Brown Singers).  

Source: The Bellamy Group

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