Group 1 Crew have today released its new album entitled Power on Fervent Records. The full album visualizer playlist, which includes all the music videos released from Power so far, can be watched above to get a taste of the album before purchasing it below.

A quote from our upcoming review: Manny has always had the habit of taking tough gritty subjects and presenting them in a beautiful way, and Power well and truly continues this trend. Refreshingly packed full with 16 tracks, great features and great messages of faith, Power has diversity and quality running all the way through it. Group 1 Crew’s Power is a powerful reminder of God’s almighty power, and will leave listeners feeling empowered to go about their daily lives with an extra bounce in their step. Power is a power move on the part of Group 1 Crew and surely cements their place as legends and stalwarts in the Christian music scene.

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Our interview with Manwell and our review of Power is coming soon.

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ABOUT GROUP 1 CREW:  With three No. 1 singles, six top 5 radio hits and music featured on MTV, VH1, NBC and Fox to name a few, five-time Dove Award-winning Group 1 Crew released their fifth full-length studio album, titled POWER, on July 29 (Fervent Records).  

Despite running into vocal challenges that resulted in surgery last December and not being able to talk for three months, the reality of creating an album since 2012’s album Fearless and becoming the sole member of Group 1 Crew, Manwell Reyes ventured into the studio. He partnered with friends and industry veterans such as Seth Moseley, Josh Bronleewe, Tedd T, Josh Crosby, Jason Walker and others to lay down tracks exploring brokenness while paying tribute to God’s love and power. Artists such as Jor’dan Armstrong, My Kid Brother, Lauryn Taylor Bach (1GN), Chris Cleveland (Stars Go Dim) and even Reyes’ wife, comedian Anjelah Johnson (Mad TV’s Bon Qui Qui), make appearances on the collaborative album, resulting in a collection of songs that are catchy and dance-worthy while carrying a new level of depth than ever before.

 It was from being on the road during the group’s latest tour that Reyes hit a crossroad – with his career, his identity and his motivation. “Somehow I got wrapped up in the idea that God loved me because I was selling records or because I was on tour. When the shows stopped, I thought God’s love for me also came to an end and people didn’t care what I had to say off stage.”

The songs encompassing Power came from Reyes’ deeper understanding of his own worth and value in the eyes of his Creator. “God really put me in my place when He made me aware of the fact that He loved me before I even started singing a note, before anyone knew who Group 1 Crew was. Music is what I do but it’s not who I am. It’s been an amazing revelation to know this and find freedom from what others may think of me.”

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