Singer/songwriter Phillip Sandifer was researching and writing his Doctoral Dissertation when songs (instead of chapters) just kept presenting themselves to him.  “I was learning so much about the Eucharist and the collaborative/interactive nature of the Sacraments with the Word that songs just came spilling of me”, says Sandifer.  He continues “That’s not often my mode of writing, I am more of an over-thinking/laboring writer.  However, I think for the first time in my walk with the Lord I really have begun to understand the difference between knowledge of Christ and actually dwelling with Christ.”

Many of the songs on Sandifer’s new release are focused on this…”dwelling”, sitting with the Lord in Worship and at the table. In particular the songs “Meet Me There”, “To The Table”“Build An Altar” and “Reconciled” paint intimate pictures of humility in the presence of Christ.  Colorful acoustic instruments (guitars, mandolins, fiddles, percussion, piano, strings) flavor the musical landscape.

Current specials are available on Sandifer’s new project as well as his entire catalog at his website All of Phillip’s music can be found as well at all of the digital distribution outlets.


Story Source: Phillip Sandifer

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Phillip Sandifer Bio

Phillip Sandifer is a writer, recording artist and sometime music producer. He has recorded with such artists as Jennifer Warnes, Billy Crockett and Bob Bennett and written music for Glen Campbell, Fernando Ortega, Cheri Keaggy, Kim Hill and others. He has participated on recordings distributed by EMI, Disney, BMG and Warner Music Group although most of his solo recordings have been released on Urgent Records, an independent label founded by Sandifer in 1984, and more recently on Wider Sky Music.

Phillip was born in Baltimore, MD but moved to Dallas, TX as a youth. He earned a degree in history from the University of Texas at Austin and he holds Masters degrees from Clemson University (Clemson, SC) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (South Hamilton, MA). Recently he completed a Doctor of Ministry (Dmin) degree from Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, MO).  He has been married to Rene Burchard Sandifer since 1984. They have 4 children.

Sandifer began his music career in 1981, when he created an independent album on a minimal budget. Since then, he has authored and performed six #1 songs (as noted in CCM Magazine and The Christian Research Report) in the Christian Music field. His top songs include “Just Because You Are” (#1), “When It’s All Been Said And Done” (#1), “Learning To Love You” (#1), “The Less Traveled Road” (#1), “From A Broken Heart” (#1), “What You Mean To Me” (#1), “Man Of Compassion” (#1), “Arizona Highway” (#10) and “On My Way” (#11). He has produced twenty seven full-length albums for himself and others. Phillip and his brother Michael record as the group Santa Fe which achieved two top ten songs “Wider Sky” (#10) and “Love Speaks Louder” (#8) on their debut recording “Moon Circles”. Sandifer acknowledges that while financial gain may elude those choosing the route of the independent label there is a great deal of satisfaction in creating largely on one’s own terms. While not as visible as many artists, maintaining artistic control over his music has allowed for a lengthy career described as “constant” and music described as “consistent”.  His releases were originally distributed through Sparrow Distribution (now known as EMI Christian Music) followed by Benson Distribution (now known as Provident-Integrity Distribution). In 1998 Phillip participated as a vocalist on Disney Records “A Bugs Life Sing Along” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999.

In 1999 Phillip withdrew from the music industry in order to help start a radio station (founding KDRP Radio in Dripping Springs, TX), finish his educational pursuits and spend more time at home with his family. In 2004 he participated as a guest vocalist on his second Disney Recording – “Luv-A-Byes”, recording the Kenny Loggins classic (and one of Phillip’s favorites) “Return To Pooh Corner”.

In late 2011-12 Phillip renewed his writing and recording career releasing “Prone To Calamity”.  England’s Cross Rhythm’s Phil Thomson noted “This has to be one of the best self-produced albums I have come across in many years.”  The songs “Entangle Me” and “Wanting The Things That You Get” received international visibility. In late 2013 Sandifer released “Simple Hymns”, the first of what he says will be an ongoing offering of traditional hymns produced in his simplistic acoustic guitar based style.  In the summer of 2013 Phillip produced a children’s album to be released in the summer of 2014 entitled “It’s Cool To Build A School” (  The album is a collaborative work with 10 other artists, session musicians and recording engineers to raise money for the Moore, OK Public School Foundation in the wake of the May 2013 tornado which devastated the town of Moore, OK.

In July of 2014 Phillip releases “Of Songs & Sacraments” a collection of 10 new songs focusing the mystery that is the Table of the Lord which collaborated with Phillip’s recent Doctoral dissertation.  Phillip has highlighted the importance of not just “learning” about the Lord, but actually “being” with the Lord in Worship and at The Table as well as the collaborative nature in which the sacraments are intended to work with the teaching of the word.

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