David Thulin released his latest remix project, “Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) The Remixes” on Tuesday.  The project is a collection of 7 remixes of his most popular song from Reconstruction 2.1 from the best up-and-coming producers and djs: Matthew Parker, Euphoric Nation, Unikron, Chris Howland, J-3, Maxem and Greg Hobgood. Completely remixed, these innovative expressions bring to light a new creative approach to the track. David Thulin continues to push EDM to the forefront of the industry with his popular remixes and his radio show, “The Reconstruction” (which is in partnership with NewReleaseTuesday.com and Drom) which is leading the EDM market in Christian Radio with it’s widely syndicated one hour show that airs several times a week including every Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST on NRTRadio.com. To see all the syndicated show times visit: www.ReconstructionRadio.com

I’m extremely excited to present seven unique remixes of ‘Light In Me’ on this release! It was amazing to see the song come to life in so many different ways and each remixer really knocked it out of the ballpark with their individual touch on the song. You’ll hear Deep House from Chris Howland, several Trance/Progressive mixes like the ones from Unikron and Maxem, and even a popped up version by Matthew Parker.” – David Thulin

Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) The Remixes comes off the heels of two successful remix series, Reconstruction Vol 1 which features Manic Drive, Press Play, Group 1 Crew, Beckah Shae, Jonathan Thulin, Warr Acres and many others) and Reconstruction Vol 2.1 (with Reconstruction 2.2 coming this October) which features Natalie Grant, Press Play, Jonathan Thulin, Shine Bright Baby, Rapture Ruckus and the original featuring Nicole Croteau from Press Play.

Listen to David Thulin – “Light In Me” (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Unikron Remix) –

Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) The Remixes Track listing:

1. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Unikron Remix)

2. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Matthew Parker Remix)

3. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Chris Howland Remix)

4. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Euphoric Nation Remix)

5. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (J-3 Remix)

6. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Maxem Remix)

7. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) (Greg Hobgood Remix)


Story Source: DREAM Records

To purchase David Thulin’s remix album, Reconstruction Vol 2.1 click here

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About David Thulin:

Originally signing with Dream Records in 2011, David Thulin brings Christian Electronic Dance Music (CEDM) to the world through an eclectic mix of progressive, breakbeats, trance, house, electronic and dubstep. Bringing a positive alternative to today’s remix artists, David broke out after he remixed, “Three Little Words” by Press Play. Thulin is leading the charge of artists, DJs and producers to bring a newer style to the Christian genre. Working fulltime as a producer for 3 studios, David keeps busy and gives all glory back to God. ”I give all glory to God for the success of this genre, and I hope that it will touch many people as they listen” – David Thulin

About DROM:

The story of DROM is one built in a pure passion and love for EDM music for years. Founded by Lance Brown, David Thulin and Dave Hanley, DROM (which is Swedish for “DREAM”) launched in early 2014. Creating it’s own sub-culture and signing premiere talent out (Matthew Parker, David Thulin and Unikron), DROM is forging ahead with great dance music for everybody to listen to.Connect with The Reconstruction Radio Show

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