The brand new albums from My Epic and Everything In Slow Motion are officially out now. It’s been a long time coming for both of these albums, but we think you will find them to be worth the wait! You can check out a studio video of the song “Speak,” featuring Christian Lindskog of Blindside, from the new Everything In Slow Motion album Phoenix  below. You can also check out the song “Zion” off My Epic’s Behold album below.

If you’re looking for a physical CD version, head out to your local Hastings store, or one of our favorite indie stores like Gray Whale, Angelos, Bull Moose, Dimple, Independent Records, Newbury Comics, Silver Platters, Exclusive, or Zia Records. If you don’t live near any of those stores, then you can order them in Facedown Records’ online store for just $7.99 each, or you can always get physical copies on Amazon (My Epic, Everything In Slow Motion).

As always, both albums are available on all digital outlets so make sure to check them out on MP3 format at these links:
My Epic “Behold”iTunes / Amazon MP3
Everything In Slow Motion “Phoenix”iTunes / Amazon MP3

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Connect with Facedown Records:
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Our reviews of both of these albums are coming soon so be sure to keep checking back daily and connect with us so you don’t miss them:
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Story Source: Facedown Records

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