There wasn’t much reason for Joe Litvag to show a music critic around the spacious kitchen at the Brick nightclub, except for one important detail: the new walk-in beer cooler.

“That’s one thing we did have to add,” noted the senior vice president at AEG Live.

The giant promotions company that owns or co-owns everything from London’s O2 Arena to Los Angeles’ Staples Center — oh, and the L.A. Lakers, too — AEG is staking a much bigger claim on Minneapolis in the form of the Brick.

The 2,100-capacity Warehouse District venue opens Monday with a sold-out concert by Jane’s Addiction. It’s housed in the former Club 3 Degrees, a nonalcoholic Christian music haven that probably wouldn’t have let Marilyn Manson in the door (he plays the Brick May 18).

After a couple of years of shopping around for a smaller sister space to Target Center — which AEG manages but the city owns — Litvag said he was surprised to come across the “near-perfect” space “almost right under our noses.

“Not only was it a good-looking building, but all it really needed was a dusting and a little reconfiguring,” he said.

The historic, brick-adorned, three-story building already had a top-notch audio system and lighting rig. It just required a few things, including a liquor license and extra bar space. AEG added a better-flowing entrance and larger stage and soundboard.

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  1. David C. Coleman

    It was a great place to see a show. I’ve been there many times and saw acts like P.O.D., Blindside, Kevin Max (of DC Talk), Write This Down, etc. It’s really a shame that the economics didn’t work out for the club.


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